About Us

Who We Are

Jeevan is an Ecommerce Business Platform Through which Anyone Can Make his Business Online. By Just Opening Merchant Account With us.It is Also a trading Platform through which an individual can Also Earn Handsome income by just Refering the customer to Jeevan. You will Get its payment instantly. As affiliate plan is the Best Way to do any Business, because through affiliate Plan anyone can earn handsome income.

Jeevan (Pvt) ltd. prides itself in having a strong IT background. Along with the IT expertise, we are continuously working towards bringing amazing products at very reasonable prices. We adopted model of Retail selling to save various marketing costs that are added to the product and ultimately makes the product more expensive. Lot of money goes towards advertisements, distributor and dealer commissions, logistics etc. Retail selling saves much of this. In Retail Selling, this saved amount is shared with sellers in a defined manner. We are procuring products directly from manufacturers, having our own quality control mechanism and we provide a platform to individuals who want to work as entrepreneurs.

  • JEEVAN is Best Ecommerce Plat form for any Business..
  • It is also beneficial for individuals who want to earn extra income.
  • Payment is now no more a problem it is fast and easy.


To be widely recognized and to respect for all our internal and external customers. We built trust and confidence with them by delivering outstanding quality product and services which add real value to their life and business as well as respect the expectations and ambitions of users, stakeholders and suppliers through a never ending search to improve.


  • Common Man Reach

  • Quality product at affordable prices.

  • Distribution Network at each part of the Nation.

  • Assistance of platform to small suppliers.

  • To be the number 1 amongst the leading retail brands.